2 Dec 2023

Why Hire a Web Design Agency Instead of A Freelance Web Developer?

The Need for Hiring a Professional Web Development Company Instead of an In-House Specialist for Creating a Corporate Website

Though it is not always easy to choose between a web design company and a freelance web design expert, ultimately it is an agency that must be preferred over an in-house specialist. There are many factors to consider, while making this decision. One thing that you need to keep in mind is ‘data security’. You cannot afford to work either with a company or an individual expert that you think can compromise on your data security, especially if you’re an organization, catering to thousands of customers. So, let’s understand the pros & cons of hiring a web design & development agency, as well as an in-house company expert for your website creation.

Hiring a Web Design & Development Company

There are companies that are ‘dedicated’ WordPress/HTML web designers and developers, creating smart, UI/UX rich, navigable, cross-browser compatible, 100% mobile responsive and fast page-loading sites. It is done by using the latest plug-ins, tools and software. When you hire a registered company, it not only saves time, but also saves precious bucks from hiring a team of freelance designers and developers. They might not have the requisite skill-sets, experience and know-how in designing a corporate website with all the latest features and technicalities. So, you need to choose a web design company that not only offers competitive pricing, but also fits your website development needs on all platforms. A company like Digital Media Experts has all the resources, skill-sets and expertise for successfully executing a web design & development project, as per the exact specification of the client. It can either be a corporate website or a personal domain.

Hiring an In-House Web Specialist or a Freelancer

This only works for you, when you’re equally experienced and thoroughly knowledgeable about the web, but not able to find time to design and develop your own site. For that, you need to have a specific website design in mind and the process that needs to be followed. But, if you lack the expertise & skill-sets regarding a WordPress web design or any other web development , it is always suggested to go for a company, instead of a freelancer. The downside is that the in-house expert would charge you an abnormal or inflated price. On the contrary there’s also a positive side to it. You can directly interact with the bunch or designer and developers, instructing them what exactly you want. You also need to clarify whether the in-house specialist would be able to maintain your website.

The Benefits of an Agency

The most important benefit of hiring a web development company or a web design agency, is time-saving and reliability. In terms of data security too, there’s a high-level of trust, which is not the case with an inhouse web expert. Sensitive and hackable information about a company must be secured at any cost. And we at Digital Media Experts leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the client data is handled in an extremely cautious and secure manner, without any breach or leakage. This is why customers relay a web development agency, more than an in-house web expert or a freelancer. I guess by now, you’ve understood why it’s alway preferred to go with a registered company, rather than going for an individual that can do no good to any web development project. Well, there might be few exceptions.

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